Carolina Soul Festival hopes to educate and inspire the community to become physically and emotionally fit. by featuring educational opportunities on nutrition, longevity, fitness, green living, therapeutic benefits of art in all forms, and introduce you to alternative health therapies like massage, meditation, reiki, accupuncture, and even holistic veterinary care.   


Carolina Soul Festival isn't all about health and wellness. It's also a culture explosion of music, dance, live performances, arts and crafts, interactive audience experiences, and a one-of-a-kind kid's zone. We feature a full schedule of entertainment with acts for the whole family, so there is always something to listen to, watch, and participate. 

Experience Carolina Soul Festival 2017!


Carolina Soul Festival connects our community to as many diverse health and wellness practitioners, business professionals, and music and arts education experiences as possible. In this day-long event, it is our goal to provide opportunities to discover new methods of self-empowerment and body-awareness designed to help families and individuals take action and make choices to become their healthiest and happiest selves. 


Above all, we want your experience at the Carolina Soul Festival to help empower you to transform your life by taking control of your physical and emotional wellness, the environment, and the communities' overall well-being.